Norland industrial group was established in Beijing, China in 2008. In 2012, her United State headquarters was opened. That led to the issuance of Certificate of free sales by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 2015, Norland got her Direct Sales License. This achievement is what started the Direct Sales Business and Multi Level Marketing Business.

Norland Nigeria Head Office was opened in 2017 at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. From there, Norland Industrial Group serve her distributors and partners all over Nigeria. To make Norland products distribution business easier, Norland Abuja office was opened in 2023 to serve the FCT and users, partners and distributors in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Norland has grown to become a global brand since 2012. She now operates in over 50 countries in Asia and Africa. Norland leads the human life industry with awesome preventive and curative herbal and natural products for the benefits of humanity. This way it is creating health and wealth for her users, partners and distributors world wide.