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Norland Products and their Functions

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This write up is about Norland products and their functions. Norland Industrial Group has a number of highly effective products. This write up will try to highlight those products and their functions.

Wuqing Detox Pack: This is the most expensive of all Norland Product. Detox Pack is a detoxification herbal series. It remove toxics from all organs of the body: Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Heart etc. Detox pack carry out deep-layer detoxifications. It directly strip toxics deposits on the cellular surfaces.

GI Vital Softgel: This is the Norland Product for regenerative and restoration science. This product reactivates the potential regerative cells in human body. GI Vital softgel has the following health benefits: It regulates gastrointestinal function. It immediately relieves gastrointestinal symptoms, such as stomach pain, gastric acid, bloating, acid reflux,, constipation gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer etc. The Oil in the softgel can be applied on wounded or burned skill to heal without scar.

Micro-Molecule Peptide: This is also know as Oligopeptide. Oligopeptide as the following ingredients namely; Soy peptide powder, oligopeptide powder with marine fish skin collagen, wheat oligopeptides. The following are health benefits of oligopeptide. quickly replenish energy. it enhances physical fitness, eliminate fatigue. It help metabolism and delay aging.

Hope this give you an overview of Norland products and their functions. If yes, then visit our Norland Product store to order any of the above mentioned products. Visit Norland Supplement page to learn more

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