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Norland Products Business Structure

Everyone who signed up for Norland distributorship business need to understand the structure in the business. Understand this structure will help you do the business successfully. The hierarchy of Norland business goes as follows:

Downlines: these are the new members that just register in the business. For you to register, you actually need an existing distributor (upline). You cannot register yourself, you need an upline to register you. Your need at least hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to register. Norland registrations is done with wallet. It is only existing distributors that can access this wallet. Apart from this, the business is a network marketing business, you need to be registered under someone. My advice is that you look for an active upline to come under, especially those that are doing the business digitally. This is a determinant on how far you will go in the business. Note: you will be giving products worth your N100,000 at the point of registration.

Upline: this is the distributor you register under. He is the one that will show you the tips and tricks of the business. He is your direct leader and mentor in the business. The reason he should help you succeed is because your success in the business is his success too. This is not to say your upline should be deciding your business moves. It doesn’t mean your upline should be doing the business on your behalf. Do your own business, do your registration yourself if possible. Go for seminars to acquaint yourself with the needed business information.

Norland Supplements Stockiest

Stockiest: a stockiest is a Norland partner that has an office where Norland can store their products. A stockiest office serve as a warehouse for Norland products. Stockiest office are scattered all over Nigeria. It means any time a distributor order for products through new registration, retail order or product voucher, he or she will locate a stockiest to pick the products. Please verify that the stockiest you are trying to pick from has the products before you fill and complete the order.

Norland Head Office: Norland head office is located in Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. This is where stockiest get the products they store for distributors. Stockiest from all over Nigeria get their product from the head office. If distributors are having problems getting products from their stockiest, they can actually go to the head office to pick up. There is a part of the order form that ask if you want to pick products from the head office. Just click that to pick from the head office instead of a stockiest. Norland has opened her second Nigeria office at Abuja.

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