What Makes Norland Unique

There are several multi level marketing companies around the world. But most of them still do the traditional network marketing model which is no more acceptable. They still use a model that favours only 2% of distributors in the business, while 98% make nothing out of the business. This model is what make network marketing illegal in some part of the world. It is seen as exploiting people. Norland products network marketing is unique and different from these traditional network marketing organizations for the following reasons:

Multiple registrations: previous network marketing companies only allow one registration in your name. it means after your registration, you have to recruit 2 persons or 4 persons to earn. So if you register and you couldn’t recruit, it means you are stuck in the business. You won’t earn at all or you stop earning. This is different in Norland Industrial Group. You will continue to earn even if you haven’t recruited anyone. Someone is saying how? It means you can sell your Norland products and use your capital to re-register yourself over and over again. Thereby earning repeatedly without recruiting anyone. A unique code is given to every registration you do. Your accounts can never be confused.

Effective supplement and health products

Effective supplement and health products: Norland has amazing preventive and curative products for several health issues. What is means is that the chances of you being able to sell your Norland products is very high. Demand for Norland products are very high.

Partner for live: this means once you are registered, you become a partner for life. Your registration is never cancelled. Even if you didn’t do the business for ten years. I know someone that registered, traveled for 3 years came back and took the business very seriously. Now he is a millionaire as a result of Norland products distribution. If it were to be other network marketing company, your membership would have be cancelled for leaving it dormant for 3 years.

Product voucher: in Norland, product voucher is one way the company compensate her partners and distributors. Free products are to be used as sample products for your marketing efforts. It is also for your personal consumption so partners can have personal experience with the products.

Accumulations of points for cash, cars, houses, and all-expense paid trips: the more you are active in Norland, the more you gather point values (PV). This is what qualifies you for awards and incentives in the business.

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